Live it not Diet by Mike Sheridan – Lose weight Book Review

“Live it not Diet!” is a book with a carefully laid out and well-researched plan. There are three distinct phases and fourteen foundational principles which, if followed correctly, will guide you to a better, healthier and happier lifestyle. As in his previous book, Mikes recommendations are contrary to what most North Americans think about nutrition and health. The plan is pretty straightforward and easy to follow. Mike takes his time to explain the hows and whys behind what he is doing in an inspiring voice, so if you have any motivational problems, there is a pretty big chance that you won’t have them after reading this book.

Who is the author?

Mike Sheridan has been in the fitness and health industry for over a decade. He decided to write a book early in his career when he realized that there was a big gap between the science of nutrients and the message that was carried to the public. Now, he is the author of 3 best-selling books. He was featured in publications such as T-Nation, elitefts, The Huffington Post, and The PTDC. His colleagues in the industry believe that what makes Mike stand out when working with people is his particular philosophy, that “Transformation starts with education.” In short, the goal of this philosophy is not only to show his clients what to do, but to help them understand why are they doing it. Mike also does a lot of guest blog posts on numerous health and fitness websites. Mikes favors personal appearances on talk shows and other programs to reach out to as many people as possible and help then make healthier life choices.


  • The book contains many references, charts and graphs. In addition, it has valuable information on calories for each ingredient. He also gives you some simple shopping suggestions in order to help you save some of your hard earned cash.
  • This book is not a quick-fix diet solution. It is a sustainable lifestyle plan, realistic in foundation and appropriate for most of the individuals.
  • One of the things this book talks about is food addiction and how the brain responds to food. If you can understand why your stomach craves something it is much easier to get rid of that bad eating habit.
  • The book educates the reader on carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and vitamins. It aims at allowing the reader to become his own nutritionist and dietician. Mike also extensively talks about what nutrients each organ needs to function flawlessly.
  • The book explains how certain nutrient deficiencies can lead to serious health issues.He explains what you should look out for and how to correct a problem if it arises, without expensive medication or a doctor visit.

How does the plan work?

Mike Sheridan’s aim is to teach his readers to learn how to re-program their minds when it comes to food. This is obviously not an easy task. The author claims that readers will see results in as few as 14 days if they follow the plan. He also believes that majority of the North American population were fed with bad nutrition tips for most of their lives.


If you have had a good understanding of keto dieting and LCHF lifestyle, then most of this book will not be of interest to you. The excercises presented in the book are designed for beginners so this category of readers might get bored just after a couple of chapters.


  • This diet plan is high in vitamins and protein, but low in sugar.
  • This kind of diet can be perfect for individuals with diabetes and obesity.
  • This book offer suggestions on how you can make positive lifestyle changes so you can feel healthier and happier.
  • Phase one of the plan is high in both protein and fat.
  • Results can be seen in most people in as few as 14 days.
  • Getting adequate sleep is a vital part of the lifestyle recommendations made in the book. Mikes recommends that everyone should get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night. If you follow this you may find that your health improves quite dramatically in a short period of time. Many health problems can be related to not getting enough sleep.
  • The author explains why certain nutrients are required and he uses rational evidence to support his assertions.
  • The plan laid down in his book is very simple. It can be followed even by the busiest of individuals.  


  • Individuals who already exercise daily might not find this book interesting as the exercises are quite simple and might not meet their demands
  • In phase one, individuals can easily struggle through low levels of energy.
  • Not all the charts and graphs are readable. Several charts are so low in resolution that some readers have problems making out what has been written

Customer Reviews

  1. “I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. “
  2. “This book really opened my eyes after many years of believing what I was being told by doctors, diet specialist, and other medical staff.”
  3. “I have lost over 100 pounds in just 3 years by following his advice.”
  4. “The book is well-written and I think the plan is awesome, but what I enjoyed most was the thorough explanation of topics like dairy, fasting and supplementation choices. “
  5. “I exercise 3 times a week and follow my own diet plan. Sadly, I did not find this useful.“

Verdict – Approved

“Live it not Diet!” is a carefully constructed and well-researched plan that can change someone’s life for the better in a steady and healthy manner. It does not call for drastic changes at once and goes easy on the exercise. His goal of educating the readers so they understand why they are making the eating choices in the plan is a really great feature of this book. We approve this as a healthy lifestyle plan that is suitable for people os all ages.